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Application Examples
Improves users’ efficiency and efficacy.
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Standard Conveyor
Z Type Flex Belt Conveyor
Model Name:SPPB-Z-300-3.59 For this model, refer to => SPPB
For the transport of pressed products (small items).
Since it is handling small items, a dumbbell is attached bilaterally so they do not get caught in the sides.
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Die-Cast Transport (All SUS Net Conveyor)
Model Name:Plum Conveyor SPPN-Z-55-2.35 For this model, refer to => SPPN


Used for the cooling of die-cast products. The conveyor is attached to a water tank, and made with all-stainless steel specification for rust prevention. With the possibility to remove the conveyor from the water tank, its maintenance is easy to perform.
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Combination of the Plum Conveyor SPPB Type with a custom-made slat
Model Name:Plum Conveyor SPPB-700-4.0 For this model, refer to => SPPK
Stocking up the pre-processed work in the upper stage custom slat. Supply to NC by robot handling, and once machining is completed, work is stocked up in the lower stage Plum Conveyor SPPB Type. The transported products are die-cast and cast-molding products. This model is also characterized by the fact that it has an effect on reducing the operator’s production costs.
Custom-made slats will be manufactured according to the application.
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Conveyor with oil tank (Plum Hinge Conveyor)
Model Name: Plum Conveyor SPPH-L-300-1.6 For this model, refer to => SPPH
Used for the rustproofing and oil cutting of cast products. It is possible to remove the conveyor from the water tank, and its maintenance is easy to perform.
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Intermediate Drive Type Hinge Conveyor
Model Name: Plum Conveyor SPPH-F-500-5.7 For this model, refer to => SPPH
Since the motor could not be installed in the normal position, the intermediate drive type was adapted.  As it was impossible with a conventional hinge belt, it was completed by an improvement of its structure.  The transported material was industrial waste.
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