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Application Examples
Improves users’ efficiency and efficacy.
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Scrap Conveyor
Pressed Scrap Stacking Line
Model Name:
- SCF-ZV-800-46.7
- SCF-FV-600-42.3 x 3 units
- Round conveyor equipment (custom–made item) Maximum transport load: 1,500 kg
For this model, refer to => SCF

A line in which the scrap is collected after pressing by three sub-conveyors and transported to an outdoor storage space by the main conveyor
Transport of scrap box is handled by a custom–made chain conveyor.

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Chips Transport (scraper conveyor)
Model Name:SCF-ZF-450-32.4 For this model, refer to => SCF

A conveyor that transports the chips of the portal-type drilling machine to the scrap box
A flat bottom scraper conveyor is placed on the floor.

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Pressed Scrap Transport Conveyor
Model Name:SCF-ZV-600-11.5 For this model, refer to => SCF

Transports 3.2 t of pressed scraps to the scrap box
We adopted the SCF type conveyor which can bend vertically and horizontally.

  View of conveyor installation
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he combination of the Screw W System with a double-sided scraper
Model Name:
- SCS-U-190-160-4.5W
- SCO-Z-80-400-3.4
For this model, refer to => SCO

Aluminum chips are put collectively into the hopper, then quantitatively supplied and conveyed to the compression press machine by the screw conveyor / double-sided scraper.

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