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Application Examples
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Types of Transport Machine Equipment
SUS Screw Feeder
The particulate matter is quantitatively drained out by the screw conveyor.
Equipped with a ladder, an inspection stand, and a knocker to drop particulate matter.
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Special Bucket Conveyor

Carrying out Φ 430 steel of 100 kg from indoors to outdoors. When the box goes to the top, it decelerates and the work is gently carried out. Stops with a sensor and returns to its fixed position.
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Heavyweight Pallet Stock Conveyor (Special Top Roller Chain Spec)

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Special Slat for Transport of External Surface and Multi-Row Belt Conveyor
A 2,000mm wide slat conveyor for the transport of external surface material (siding) and a conveyor with multiple row belts.
The upper surface of the slat conveyor is made of a thick felt in order to avoid scratches on products.
Lift-up from below is supported by the multi-row belt conveyor.
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Wide Belt Conveyor for Transport of Paper and Cullet

A 2,200 mm belt conveyor that transports paper. There is a rotating brush on the evacuation side to prevent the paper from floating up.

  A glass waste (cullet) conveyor. It is wide in order to handle large glass sheets.
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Conveyor with Deodorizer Coating

The deodorizer is spray with a blower on works of complicated shape.

  Net cleaning part
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Transport of Particulate Matter (U Type Screw Conveyor)
Model Name:- SCS-U-290-16  
Since it is a screw, the particulate matter can be transported without scattering.
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Wide Plum Belt Conveyor
Model Name:Plum Conveyor SPPBS-200-5.0 For this model, refer to => SPPB
A clean doormat and others are used for the transport.
The strength of drums and frames has been increased in order to support the wide width.
*In this case, a belt with a width of 2,000mm was used for a doormat of 1,800mm.
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Conveyor with Drying Furnace (Drying Furnace + Bar Chain Conveyor)
Model Name:SPBC-F-550-5.0V  

Drying the oil machine that adheres to products after tapping process.
An air nozzle is installed in the furnace, and blows hot air, directly on the products, to accelerate drying.

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Stainless Steel / Plastic
For Food, Medicine, Cleaning, and High Heat
Cooling Conveyor with Water Tank
Using a modular belt. Molded parts and others are cooled down in the water tank (shower from top is also available), and can be transported without bringing any moisture out thanks to an inclined air blower.
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Curve Conveyor for Transport of Pickle Packs
(Modular Belt And Stainless Steel Frame Specifications)

Can be washed with water. Supports inclination (with anti-slip). Belt part replaceable. S-shaped (adjustable curve)

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Plastic Top Chain Conveyor
(Adjustable Type) (Plastic Chain And S frame Specifications)
A conveyor to transport loads of pickles after packing.
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Modular Conveyor for transporting plastic molded products

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