For conveyors and transport devices, leave it to Sanki Tech’s Petit Haute Couture!
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About Us
Contributing to the improvement of productivity and creation of a clean workplace with the power of Petit Haute Couture
Sanki Tech VN
Sanki Tech WAY
We produce conveyors fit for your company’s needs
It is our motto to deliver more suitable and user-friendly products by modifying standard items, and producing original conveying equipment (Petit Haute Couture) adapted to each production style of the users.
We want to be of service by utilizing our high-level response capability
We hope to be of service by refining our “Petit Haute Couture” service which represents the power of responding in a flexible way based on the rich knowledge, experience, and technical strength we have accumulated so far.
Extensive know-how in scrap processing and plenty of scrap conveying equipment
Regarding the scrap process called 3K(difficult, dirty and dangerous work) , we hope to assist you in the creation of a clean workplace with fewer hazards and help you in tough jobs by offering a wide variety of conveyors.
Firm decisions on specifications
A designer attends to the specification meeting and sizing.
We will submit the estimate with concept drawings and specifications.
Eventually, we will confirm all aspects with delivery specification drawings.
Our beliefs
Motivation, vitality, and perseverance
We are pursuing the endless possibilities hidden within conveyors,
and from now on consistently strive to be a step ahead in the conveyor industry.
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Lot. K13, B Zone, CN5 Street, Kizuna 3 Rental Serviced Factory, Tan Kim Expansion IZ, Tan Kim Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province
Tel : +84 27 2371 5776        Fax : +84 27 2371 5779
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